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Sri Prasanna Krishnaswami Temple

The Mysore Dynasty claims its descent from Yadu Vamsa (Yadu Race) founded by Sri Krishna of Mahabharata. Therfore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar 3 felt sad that there was no temple dedicated to Krishna. To filfil this lacuna, he started the construction of Sri Prasanna Krishna temple in 1825 and according to inscription it was completed in 1829. In the sanctum-santorum is a pretty image of lord Krishna (Ambegalu Krishna is crawling posture) made of chlorite schist. He has a butter bal in his hand and has a Juvenile ezpression.

To commemorate this pious act of Krishnaraja wodeyar 3, worship is offered to his sculpture along with his wives to this day in the temple. Krishnaraja Wodeyar 3 himself has given Grants to this temple and presented bronze images of Gods and Goddesses, Saints and sages, each inscribed with its name. on the exterior of the temple is the sculpture of the Sage Atri. According to tradition, the scuoture of Atri was set up as krishnaraja Wodeyar belonged to Atreya Gotra and that the first Priest of the temple also belonged to this Gotra. Like Varahaswami temple, this temple is also known for the murals on the walls of the Navaranga (the central pillared hall). The murals depict stories from Bhagavata. The murals of this temple and of Varahaswami temple are examples of 19th Century Mysore paintings.

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